Posts & Hot Takes From Inside Reddit’s Big Short Squeeze

As you’ve probably heard, a huge upset in the stock market is currently underway as unrelenting redditors, memelords, millennials, and investors continue to buy GameStop shares, driving up the price of its stock as a result. Why? Well, it all started with r/wallstreetbets—a forum for discussion about risky trading strategies. Some redditors (including the founder of the sub) noticed that GameStop was one of the most shorted stocks in the market and took the opportunity to skyrocket the stock by buying up shitload of shares. Many other Robinhood users followed suit, YOLOing their life savings into GME and causing a crisis for the short sellers betting against it.

The battle between Melvin Capital and the r/wallstreetbets army is still raging hard as individual investors are not only refusing to sell, but more and more are buying in. They won’t stop until meme stocks blast off to the moon. We’ve collected some of the best posts and zingers from Reddit and Twitter about the r/wallstreetbets saga

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