How To Make Money Blogging

Make Money From Blog

How To Make Money Blogging. Make Money From Blog.

To a close friend, family member or manager at work for additional income, both initially and in the future,

So when you reach the income levels you desire, when you say you have a business idea where you can leave your current job and work full time, and that business idea is to start a blog, what will their answer be? i will give you

I am sure that after laughing at you sarcastically, of course, without encouraging you, they will politely start telling you the facts they know (they think they know!) To make money from the blog.

Does anyone really make money just by blogging? Ok, you have dreams about this, but you need to look a little realistic.

After all, how much money is made by blogging? Let’s say you have earned a certain amount of money, this is not a profession or a career, but a continuity. Instead, you can save money and set up other businesses.

Make Money From Blog
Make Money From Blog

By blogging, you cannot earn an income to sustain your life, you cannot be your profession, you cannot change the world …

The blog is just a stupid platform where you can fulfill your hobbies, earn some extra income!

When we share this thought, while struggling in his stressful job, our manager who sees us as dreamlike idiots at least 5 days a week, 9 hours a day; Aren’t we the humble bosses of our business with which we set the limits and expand ourselves?

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We stupid bloggers…

What about 2 – 3 times the monthly income of a business manager who is about to reach the peaks of his career by turning blogging into a profession, which is a hobby that we can only do in our spare time, not seeing all these facts,

Maybe we are the stupid when we get so much more? Or are we the ones who have news of what can be done by blogging us and trying to give advice, kindly but also cynical opinion?

Yes, you heard that right.

It is possible to make money or even earn thousands of lira by opening a blog! If possible, how much money can I earn by blogging? How to make money blogging? What are the methods to monetize the blog?

Make Money From Blog
Make Money From Blog

I know that you said show us the actions, show examples, not words. Do not worry, I will write a data-based article for you, knowing that most of the articles on making money from the blog are always made up of words and personal experience.

One thing I should mention first of all is that each blog has different earnings according to its topic, target audience and quality. So if you open a blog, it is not possible to say that you will make this much money.

But still, in order to give you a satisfactory answer to your questions, by giving you what you want; I will try to draw a certain frame numerically.

At the same time, I will explain how to make money by blogging, what are the sources of income for a blog in this article.

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How much money to make from blogging? and How to Make Money Blogging?

Blog Monetization – Method 1: Google Adsense Ads

There are many methods that can be applied to make money blogging. The most common and most common of these is google adsense ads.

In order to publish adsense ads on your blog, your blog must be approved by google adsense. Getting approval is not difficult, as long as you have a blog that doesn’t infringe on copyright.

Note: The rate of getting google adsense approval of blogs opened through free blog opening platforms is very low. So much so that the application rejection is 99%.

After you become an adsense publisher, you can earn money per click by integrating the ad codes you create in adsense into your site.

You earn an average of 0.30 cents per click from Adsense ads.

So, is it possible to make money with Google adsense ads? If possible, how much will Google Adsense earn?

This is a good question that has been debated for years, always sought and does not have a definitive answer. As I said at the beginning of my article, each blog earns different earnings according to its target audience, number of visitors and quality.
But I want to share with you the blog traffic and adsense revenue statistics of one of my followers.
It is not possible for me to share his name or the name of his blog because it is against google adsense privacy policy and he did not want his name to be shared against malicious people.

But I can share with you the topic of the blog and the audience it addresses. The blog is a blog for women and housewives in general, and the content it shares is how-to content. These include categories such as crafts, recipes, diet, decoration.

A person’s blog is visited by an average of 700,000 people per month and earns $ 10,000 a month from google adsense ads alone. How so ?

Believe me, opening a blog is no different than using an excel program.

After you decide to start a blog, you set up a blog and start publishing content, just like installing a program on your computer. Your focus is not on technical infrastructure, but on your content directly.

Blog Monetization – Method 2: Content Marketing

It is possible to make money from the blog with Content Marketing, that is, content marketing method. It is even possible to earn hundreds of dollars with marketing a single product.

In order to earn money with the Content Marketing method, your blog must consist of a loyal audience of your visitors who generate serious traffic and traffic. You have to be at the point of kind of phenomena.
Brands reach their target audiences through these phenomenal blogs. Content marketing may not consist of just writing, sometimes video, sometimes images.
So how much money is earned from blogging with content marketing? I must say this much; I know a makeup blog I know earns $ 500 from a single product promotion video.

It is not possible to reveal the name of the site again due to the privacy policy, but it is a phenomenon with tens of thousands of followers in beauty / fashion categories.

Make Money From Blog

How To Make Money Blogging – Other Ways

Since these methods have the potential to make less money than the methods I mentioned above, I preferred to share them under other methods.

Renting Ad Space: It is possible to make money from the blog by renting the areas you have determined on your blog for a certain fee.

Link Sales: It is possible to generate income from the blog by posting the links of the people who want to get a reference link (backlink) from your blog at the bottom of your site or on the side panel.

Lottery Gift: There is no direct monetization here, but many companies that are concerned about your industry can distribute gifts for advertising purposes through your blog. You make a raffle among the readers of your blog and the company sends gifts to the names you specify.

Selling the Blog Itself: You can do this for a certain period of time, earn a steady income each month, and also sell your blog when you quit.

These are the ways to make money from the blog that I will pass you on. I hope this article and how much money can I make by opening a blog? How can I make money from the blog as well? It is a satisfactory answer to your questions.

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