History Memes For Scholars Of the Past

Things seem pretty bleak in the present. Between the Covid-19 pandemic and the economic turmoil its caused, and the insane winter storms that have crippled Texas, we’re kind of over everything. Gone is the youthful hope that we once had, our plans for the future. Traveling the world and learning about other cultures is also out of the question. If we don’t want to think about the sh*tshow we’re dealing with, and the future is uncertain, what can we turn to? You got it, the past.

While poring over history tomes and watching educational television shows are both fine and dandy, we prefer to get our fix via memes. And history memes are far from hard to come by. They’re all over Reddit and Instagram, dropping some serious knowledge and inspiring some very  hearty chuckles. Though some of these memes may feel like they require a history degree to understand, we’re pretty sure even a high school dropout would understand some of the other references. And hey, by scrolling through these memes you might even learn something.

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