20 Funny Memes & Tweets That Keep It All In The Family

We complain about our families a lot – from the trope of the dreaded mother-in-law to sibling rivalry. Some of these relationships are as bad or worse than the stereotypes, but a lot of the time we’re just so lucky to be around these people who love us unconditionally. We’re even more grateful for all the hilarity that our funny families provide us with for free. 

42 Funny Memes Straight From Chuckle Town

It’s impossible to articulate the magic of memes. It’s really just a vibe. Maybe that’s part of why memes are so special—they transcend conventional language. Don’t get me wrong, straightforward jokes are pretty sick, but there’s something about a damn good meme that just hits differently than other forms of comedy. Coincidentally, we’ve got a bunch of quality memes right here. Take a scroll and let us know if you agree. 

20 Satisfying Times People Got Owned By Clever Comebacks

Everyone’s dreamt up the perfect clever comeback to someone who says something dumb and deserves to be owned, but we can’t all be masters of wit all the time. We’ve collected a bunch of examples of times people served up some satisfying comebacks and retorts for the whole internet to see. We could probably learn a thing or two from these savages.

25 Food Order Fails Packed With Facepalm

It should be known by now that we enjoy mocking other people’s misfortune – and as schadenfreude goes, these amusing tales are pretty lighthearted. When Twitter user @lillyannatrnr shared a facepalm-worthy serving anecdote from her boyfriend’s past, we’re willing to bet she didn’t think she was starting a thread of epic proportions. But his ignorance regarding creme fraiche and the laughs that followed inspired other users to share their own food-service and grocery work blunders. The result? A massive thread of funny fails and punny verbal comedy. We’ve picked out some of the better gems for you, but you can see more hilarity at the thread itself.

33 Wannabe Hackers Who Aren’t Fooling Anyone

r/masterhacker is a treasure trove of cringey and hilarious examples of wannabe hackers trying their best to intimidate people online with empty threats, seeking advice that betrays their naivety, and straight up asking people for their IP addresses so they can hack them. We’ve got a bunch of amusing screenshots and memes about the sort of person who whispers ‘I’m in’ to themselves after using a Windows command prompt to identify an IP address. Be sure to check out r/masterhacker for more of this content.

20 Job Interview Memes For Employment Seekers

Job interviews can feel pretty absurd, especially after you’ve answered the same questions for every position you’ve ever applied for. What are your biggest strengths and weaknesses? Where do you see yourself in five years? Describe yourself in three words. Don’t you ever wish that you could say something totally insane just to spice things up a bit? It would even be interesting to see someone be brutally honest. Why do you want to work here? Well, there’s this thing called rent, you see, and I need to pay it.

We’ve got some ridiculous memes depicting far-fetched job interview scenarios that poke fun at a grueling process we’ve all had to endure. Perhaps these memes will give you some ideas for your next Zoom interview. 

46 Comically Dark Memes Because Everything Is Terrible

Do you ever feel so crappy that the misery seems to transcend into a sort of dark humor? Sometimes when life becomes so cosmically sh*tty, it feels as if the universe is just trolling you. In those moments, we can’t help but laugh back at the universe. Yeah, everything is terrible, but guess what? We can still meme our way through this hellscape called ‘life’, and no one can take that away from us. 

19 Uncomfortable Images For Internet Masochists

Browsing through memes is a perfectly delightful pastime. But after a while, the memes start to blur together. It’s very similar to the way time has begun to feel since early 2020. To break free from the monotony of cat memes or lowest common denominator relatable memes, we’ve put together this collection of decidedly cringey and uncomfortable memes, tweets, and posts. They might not be pleasant, but they’re definitely entertaining. And sometimes that’s all we need.

Eye-Opening Tumblr Thread Will Permanently Change The Way You See Pugs

It’s no secret that Pugs are one of the most coveted dog breeds around. But is the Pug-breeding business more sinister than you think? According to this Tumblr thread, absolutely. Purebred pugs, which can cost anywhere from $1,900 to $6,000 have a host of health issues that can be attributed to their breeding. This thread, while hard to read, is a huge eye-opener for anyone with a soul, dog-lovers or otherwise. We hate to say it to the Pug-lovers, but this is more evidence that we should adopt and not shop!