Adapt to Bounce Forward

26 Inspiring Quotes About Crisis Management and Teamwork from Military Veteran Entrepreneurs

is measurable, controllable, and not something to be feared.  As human beings, we take risks every day, and we subconsciously mitigate that risk by putting controls in place. For example, the concept of driving a vehicle at highway speeds is a risky endeavor, but we wear a seatbelt, drive the speed limit, stay in our lane and we somehow survive that high-risk drive. The military does a great job of teaching us how to proactively identify hazards in all high-risk endeavors and apply controls to lower the risk to an acceptable level and increase survivability. This is why I was able to safely and consistently land a jet on an aircraft carrier in all kinds of weather, at night, after a combat mission (which always made my knees shake).  Applying the concept of risk mitigation to a is a game-changer.  It gives you the confidence to accomplish what others think is impossible.” — Rob Ceravolo, founder and CEO of Tropic Ocean Airways, Navy veteran


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