16 Times The Joke Flew Right Over Someone’s Head

Hey look, we all experience brain farts from time to time, so we can’t be too judgmental of the following people who unfortunately happened to have their snafus captured for snarky Reddit audiences to prey on.


Text - Microsoft: *Buys Minecraft for $2.5 billion* Minecraft: *Only costs $23,95* Also Microsoft: Oh no! I fell for their trick. 11h Wtf they bought the company Minecraft and not just the game... Reply 1 -44


Press up - How to slow down time Step 1: 1 Share 36.3k 289 Award SINGLE COMMENT THREAD VIEW ALL 7h This doesn't actually slow down time, it just seems slower because you doing something difficult so you're more aware of it Reply -26


Text - me irl @it_meirl_bot 9h me_irl redd.it/eddqc9 selfies of the soul Me all night long trying to remember the name of the donkey in Shrek : O 26 L7 282 2,504 Replying to @it_meirl_bot Wasnt it just donkey? 23:49 20 Dec 19 Twitter for Android


Text - Conan O'Brien O @ConanOBrien · 3h I can only imagine how slow Netflix streaming must have been while quarantining for the 1918 pandemic. O 237 27 922 12.8K Replying to @ConanOBrien There was no Netflix back then genius. 19:42 02 Aug 20 · Twitter for iPhone 6 Likes TERRY @ConanOBrien Actually there was. But you had to order it by telegram. Roughly two weeks after your request, a team of actors would arrive and play out your choice.


Text - Water Water 1 kilometer 1 mile Americans 2 Comments O Like Comment Thomas 1 kilometer is closer though Gio That's literally the joke


Text - Science @Science Our Twitter password is the last 7 digits of T. 1 apr t3 3,4 tn * 7,9 tn Science @Science No hackers so far. O Alaska, USA 13 ! Pi is non terminating irrational number. There no last digit 1d 18 vind-ik-leuks Beantwoorden


Text - ... 6h · O Wow vote this physo out • Let America Hear US, Roar For Trump! Yesterday at 1:57 PM · O HOLY BIBLE BABYLONBEE.COM In Bold Anti-Trump Statement, Pelosi Rips Up Bible WASHINGTON, D.C.–In a bold, powerful statement to oppose Trump, Speaker of the Hous...


Soldier - Freddie Mercury coming back to rid the world of trash music - 2019, colorized Today at 7:28 PM thats not freddie mercury thats wolverine idiot also freddie is dead he wouldnt even be alive in 2019


Text - snowyyyboy THE GLIZZY GLADIATOR lag TickTackCaboose: yummy k14.gamer: thats a nice looking weiner uar Ogshat69: HEY NICE WEENER oh MBig 10 hours ago This guy seems funny, he woulda been great on vine 688 42 Add a public reply... • 10 hours ago Dude wanna know what would be funny? If this dude screamed it is wednesday my dudes, now that would be hilarious Ib 83 10 hours ago Ha ha yeah man, it's a shame vine is dead 17 • 9 hours ago are you joking he was the it's Wednesday my dudes guy made


Text - Alyssa YOU MATCHED WITH ALYSSA ON 8/26/16 You can call me Leonardo Da Vinci, because l'll make you Moan Alyssa Aug 31, 2016, 7:40 AM What? Aug 31, 2016, 9:54 AM Like Mona Lisa but.. Sent Aug 31, 2016, 10:46 AM ??? Okay


Hand - FNTSTONES 69 Goodbye world Today at 10:30 PM that won't kill you


Text - r/teenagers Posted by, u 2d I didn't realize how tired I was Other I went to bed at 8PM and woke up at 1PM Jesus 3 Share BEST COMMENTS Ah yes, -7 hours of sleep Reply 2d no 17 hours 1 -1 +


Text - My Rise of Skywalker Review: -Had no connection to the last 8 movies -Too much music -They made all the characters cats for some reason Jo December 29, 2019 at 10:34 AM O 207 5 Comments O Like Comment You sure you didn't walk into the wrong theater and accidentally watch "Cats?"


Text - Thave a friend who lives just outside Chernobyl in Ukraine. He watched that drama and said he counted 9 historical inaccuracies on one hand. It's a movie and not a ge documentary! 2d 4 likes Reply


Face - white people: "Asians all look the same" white people: Emperor of Italy Emperor of Spain Emperor of Turkey Emperor of France Emperor of Egypt Emperor of Greece They're all the same statue Imao 12 h 4 Me gusta Responder


Photo caption - The Onion @TheOnion 4t O) Scientists Trace Heat Wave To Massive Star At Center Of Solar System bit.ly/ 3KOGEMW Q 49 27631 ♡ 5 312 Svar til @TheOnion Ask yourself who's funding this study? Who stands to benefit from this?

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